Friday, November 11, 2011

22 things I've done

So, I have dipped my toe in,  here and there,  in the blogging world that is and recently stumbled across a challenge to write 22 things I've done. It was fun to think about. It's so easy to slip in to the "I'm a mom" mode, but truth is, I am more than that. I hope I will continue to live a life that inspires my boys to explore, take risks, and fully embrace life. I also hope I can rekindle that part of me that has quieted over the last several years.
No particular order, just random recollections.

1. Experienced  and survived a category 5 Hurricane in a small bathroom with my parents, sister and a crazy cat. Andrew was a life changing event on so many levels. Camped out in our house for 3 weeks without power and then our family splintered. Debbie moved in with David's family, I moved in with my friend Petra's family and mom and dad left Miami for good. Life's never been the same.

2. Rode an elevator with Kevin Costner in a south beach hotel I was living in for a short time. Missed an opportunity of a lifetime when he asked about where I was going and what CD's I was bringing to our party. Elevator stopped, I giggled and got out before I could say "Hey, wanna come to our party?"

3. Got a Masters degree from FSU. Really? Me? Yep!

4. Been skinny dipping more times than I care to admit too.

5. Gave birth to 2 healthy, full term twin boys at 37 1/2 weeks! That was an accomplishment and a blessing.

6. Spent a small fortune trying to have said babies. Best money ever spent! What a bargain actually.

7. Met my husband at Floore Country Store while I was on long extended vacation with suitcases still in back of a car. At the time I was jobless and homeless too. No job? No home? No worries, just travel  and if lucky, meet husband. Best things have happened to me when I was jobless and homeless!

8. Traveled to Bora Bora on our honeymoon and stayed in over the water bungalows. Dream come true.

9. Been up close and personal with LAVA! Hiked the Kilueau volcano on the Big island, more than once. sizzle, pop, sssss, steam. Awesome!

10. Flew over same volcano at night in a piper. GORGEOUS!

11. Speaking of flying, flew in a small Cessna plane over the New River gorge in West Virgina with a nearly deaf 79 year old man who liked to keep old coffins in his hanger, for $15 bucks. Cheap thrill. I actually think it was less than $15 bucks, but you wouldn't believe me. Reminded me of Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

12. Back packed in Europe. So many amazing things happened on that trip. 2 highlights: paragliding in the Swiss alps and spending an evening in the Hauf Brau house in Munchen with the 42nd infantry division  veteran survivors who helped liberate the Dachau Nazi concentration camp in 1945. It was the 50th anniversary. After a SOMBER and emotionally draining day at the camp, I can't think of another moment in my life where I felt so proud and happy to be an American. It was probably the only time I have really enjoyed drinking beer too.

13. Went ice climbing in Alaska. Invited in to the home of "Daniel Boone" to drink coffee, get out of the cold and sleep when my friend Krista and I broke down in the middle of nowhere Alaska and had to wait 6-8 hours for a tow truck to arrive. Good people are everywhere and I seem to find them.

14. Swam with dolphins in a natural and educational setting. Volunteered with the Hawaii Marine Life fund for a year to give information about marine life in Hawaii. Kayaked across Kealakekua Bay as the dolphins swam around us.

15. Ate a raw opii right out of the water, bleh! Don't recommend it.

16. Lived in San Antonio, Florida population 426 as a child and currently live in San Antonio, Texas population 1.33 million. Cool eh?

17. Played trumpet in the marching band. Very proud that our high school band got to march in the Orange Bowl parade!

18. Camped out for U2 tickets!

19. Cut my nieces umbilical cord when she was born! I was the first person aside from the doctor to see and touch her.

20. Driven across country 4 1/2 times as an adult. It's my dream to visit every National Park. Just love driving. We live in a beautiful country. Sometimes driving makes the world  seem smaller even though it takes so much longer to get from one place to another compared to flying.

21. Paddled with an outrigger canoe team in Hawaii and California. Survived paddling I should say and consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to experience such an amazing sport since I am not a natural athlete.

22. Won a middle school talent show doing the robot. Yep, you read that right, the robot. Go figure.