Thursday, July 28, 2011

What's a BLOG anyways?

I don't blog. I don't Tweet. I FB and that is how I got here. I was reading one of my over achieving teacher friends FB posts about starting a blog and then I accidentally clicked on a link to start a blog. Now here I am. I mulled over this last night and thought why not? I would like to have a place to share and document our misadventures. I don't read any quality literature these days, but I sure do love to listen to and observe all the amazing developments in our boys. They entertain me and maybe they will entertain you? The hardest part was coming up with a title. I wanted it to be clever and capture the twin thing. I wanted it to be able to encompass more than just our day to day life should I venture out and do some personal reflecting. All my great ideas were taken. Then, during nap today as I was hiding under the blanket in the reclining chair chanting to the boys, nap time is NOT over until the beeper goes off. Mommy's beeper has not gone off. Lie down. Do not climb out of that crib. We can all get up when the beeper goes came to me. I have twins. Our last name is Fleckenstein. TwinFlecktions. I googled it. There's no other website or store name or Utube video with that name, as least on the first 2 google pages. Wait did I say the hardest part was coming up with a title?? Now what do I do? Where does one start? What am I thinking? Well, I will get to that later. I hear Henry. It is his first waking, but certainly not the last of this long restless night.