Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Twin time

You know, yesterday the boys were 23 months old. How can that be? It sounds cliche, but it seems like it was just yesterday....Where is the pause button? It's going too fast! I want to sit here and look, listen and hold them. Aside from our little Henry who refuses to sleep at night, this time is magical. They learn so quickly. They have such capacity for love, humor and wonderment. My cup just runneth over. There is absolutely nothing better I can think of then hearing one of them say, "I yuh you mommy"as they grasp their sweet arms around my neck and shoulders.
I am going to embrace every single day of this final month, before they mark their 2nd birthday. It seems at 2, most people start speaking of their childrens ages in generalities. Children are now 2 years or maybe 2 1/2. But, we stop marking time in months once a child reaches 2, as a general rule.
In the beginning I marked time in days, 3 day or 5 day embryos. Then there was the 7 day blood draw for what purpose other than to torture myself, I never figured out. There was that longest 2 week period of my life, hit repeat dozens of times, as I waited for confirmation of life. During that 2 week time frame there was the ever constant inner debate about how many days until I can pee on that stick of course.  Eventually,  we kept time in weeks. 6 weeks, heart beat. 12 weeks we can disclose. 15 weeks, sex. 24 weeks viability. 30 weeks, increased positive outcomes. Come on 36 weeks for twin term. Bam! We made it to 37 1/2 weeks. I am proud of that accomplishment. Weeks, even days were very important. I could tell you how we obsessed about every  week's appointment and held our breath each time we had our sonos or stress tests or labs. But, that doesn't matter any more. We made it!

So here I am thinking, 31 days until we hit the next big phase. I know they will always be my babies. 2 is still a toddler, but they are emerging as little independents!

This may sound crazy, but I have no desire to rush potty training. It's not that I like changing poopy diapers or spending so much money on things that are filling up dumpsites. I actually love that frequent connection throughout our day when we change diapers. Think about it. When you change your childs diaper, you are making eye contact and talking. You are imitating facial expressions. It's a silly time. When it's over, it's usually a time we get a quick kiss or hug. I love it! I realise I am a bit odd.
Here are some other things I love at this moment. I love that I can just look at one of them and make them smile. I love that I can convince them that just about anything is exciting with my words or actions. HEY, let's go get a  pitcher of water so we can fill up the birdbath. "YEAY. buhbaf...come on buds. time fo baf." I love that they can hear a door open at different times of the day and they know it's their daddy walking in the door. They will stop what they are doing, look at me, say "I hear that?" SMILE and call out "daaaaaddy!" I love that they think ringing the door bell ( " I do ding dong") or playing on our bed ( "I play bed mommy") is the happening thing to do.

I love how they discover how to have fun on their own and then share it with me. "Look! I pay guitar." as they pull out my non stick frying pans and hold them like rock stars. They have learned how to turn over their bus climber or cozy coupe cars, put a sheet over them and make a great hiding tent. "I hiding. 1, 2, 3."  I love how August will give Tigger kisses, hugs and airplane rides. Henry will put a small Woody doll on a riding Zebra and say "yee haw towboy!" If I wasn't in the middle of making dinner right now, I might bore you with annecdote after annecdote of utter cuteness. Currently they are sitting in their little blue chairs watching Lightning Mcqueen. I wanted to take a picture, but August waved his little hand at me and told me "no, no mommy. Move." Apparently, I got in his way. Sigh. SO independent.
I will end it here for now, since I don't have much time before my rice burns and I ruin dinner.

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  1. 2 is such a magical age. Every age has been awesome, but I miss the "baby-ness" that 2 still had. And don't sweat the potty training. We are almost 3.5 and just started about a month ago.

    What a lovely post! Thanks for linking up!