Monday, August 22, 2011


Drama. Rhymes with Llama. Llama is a fun word to say. Go on. Say it. Llama. Now say Llama Llama
DUCK! I'm waiting....
Tag, you're it!

You are probably scratching your head, scrunching your eyebrows and starring at these words in this post thinking, what the heck is she talking about. Don't worry. You will figure it out, eventually. I think?

We like llamas around here. We especially like the book "Is Your Momma a Llama?" I could tell you all the merits of the book from my professional opinion, or I can just tell you, we like it. It was one of the first books when the twins were around 12-13 months where they started interacting and learning to be dramatic when reading. The book starts out like this "Is your momma a llama I asked my friend Dave?" And the response is "no, she is not is the answer Dave gave." Well, the boys started to anticipate, get excited and imitate us when we would read it to them even at that young age. If we'd insert a long enough pause, they would purse up their little lips, shake their heads and say "no, No, noooooo." It made Chuck and I giggle. It made us beam with pride. It became a game we'd play in the car too. As we were driving, Chuck would look back in the rear view mirror at each of the boys and then say "Henry, is your MAMA a llama?" Henry, on cue would then light up, shake his head and say "no, NO, noooooo." It became one of our first little dog and pony shows, you know the kind of parental show off routines we all like to par take in.  The boys learned they can get A Lot of attention by being dramatic and expressive.
I especially like reading "Llama Llama, Red Pajama" to Henry because baby llama doesn't like to sleep ( hmmm, like Henry)and his momma tells him stop all the llama drama (hmmm, like Henry), don't have a tizzy, sometimes momma is very busy.  He just laughs at me. Stinker.

There are a number of children's  Llama books, and true, we've read most of them. They are all great books. Before you begin thinking to yourself, OK big deal. We get it. You like the Llama books. We know, we know. Your kids are drammatic and cute.  I'll let you in to a little secret. I am not really writing about the llama books today. Llama is a CODE word. It's a secret club I belong too. So, I started reading these books not so much on their literary merits, but because I was compelled to read them. I had no choice. I was drawn to them.
I happen to know a number of women who burst out laughing or crying  when you say Llama or  send them a random picture of llama or even a video. Take your child to see a llama? YOU had BETTER send a picture!
It's not that llamas are cute or appealing. They're not. Somewhere, somehow, a llama became a mascot so to speak for a group of women, blessed with an odd sense of humor and burdened with infertility.

The llama arose like a phoenix from the depths of collective despair and served a multitude of higher purposes. Having a bad day? Failed cycle? Another BFN? ( Big fat negative) Hormonally out of whack? Out of money? Adoption failure? Bedrest? Preecclamsia? NICU?  You name it! ( Talk about drama. ) The llama had a purpose. Distract. Amuse. Annoy. Repeat. It was a token of affection, an olive branch, a virtual hug.
While there is no doubt I love my little baby llamas and all their dramas,  this,  is a SHOUT OUT to my Vet girls who shared the power of the LLAMA when I needed it most. I am so blessed to have found you all.

Click on the video below for an absolutely mind blowing, annoying and strangely addicting song. Consider yourself  warned though.

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  1. My girls are so into the books Llama Llama Red Pajama and Llama Llama Misses Mama. We read them every. single. night.