Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Twin poops

Poop. It's what's on the agenda. It's my life. Day in, day out. I've got too much with one, and not enough with the other. We've got a hider and a crouch er and one who paces, runs wild and moans until the job is done. From morning til bedtime, I appear to have poop on the brain. Did you poop? Who pooped? Some one's missing, must be pooping. Someones CRANKY and needs to poop. Someone is sooo happy, they must have pooped. Someone has had WAY too much juice today, ewwww poop! Honey, you really need to eat this. It will help you poop. OK, you can have a Baba but only because I snuck some poop medicine in it. NOOOO touchy touchy until  I wipey wipey ( OMG, I seriously need help). Oh no, diaper stays ON! You pooped AGAIN? Now when was the last time YOU pooped? Did you poop yesterday? Are you done pooping? YEAY! You pooped. Oh, baby I am so sorry this pooping thing is so hard for you. Yes, everybody poops. Where is daddy? He's going poop.
I started this a few weeks ago and didn't finish. Classy post don't you think? I am going to post it tonight to get it out of my draft box. In the last few weeks we have had more dialogue and less mommy monologue about poop. Yipee!  " I goING PooooP Mommy! I MAKE poop mommy. I go sit on poTTy chair? Henwi, you go poop too? Change diaper. Diaper saggy." Yep, that's my stimulating life! I am thankful today I have twins and not triplets.
Talk is cheap.  Potty training? Can I hire out?

ok, now a little sleep so I can wake up super early and work on my "a week in My Life" challenge. More to come!

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  1. Oh the poop talk. Potty training is exhausting. We're still in pull ups for naps and night time, so they often wait to poop then. I haven't made the move to underwear for those times, even though I hear they get over it quickly. But seriously doing the double "go potty before you go to bed" thing is frustrating!